Life After Lymphoma

A couple of years ago I wrote about Life after Lymphoma and provided suggestions and links about finding a new normal after cancer. However, recently an interesting question about handling the relationship aspect when trying to heal our mind and soul was posted at The Lymphoma Club Facebook.  Diana Incaste, one of our Lymphoma survivors, asked the question of the day:

How did you feel after the medical battle was won and you were faced with “normal” life again? How did you handle the inadequacies of some of those close to you who try perhaps too hard to be in your shoes. We read about the emotional roller coaster that is cancer and how hard it is to heal the mind after we’ve been through our toughest challenge – chemo brain, depression, fear, shell-shock  lost self confidence,  etc.   We can all relate one way or another. We understand how it feels and face similar challenges and guilt as we hear from our friends, family, colleagues: “you must be so relieved…so happy…live life to the full…so lucky…brave etc”. There’s an expectation that once the band-aids have been removed you’re alright. You know you came so close to the worst possible scenario and you should be ecstatic, grateful, etc. but there are days when you’re just not feeling it. And you wonder if you’ll ever be the same person you were…or maybe you’re thinking “I don’t want to go back to who I was, for whatever reason”.  Please share how you handle the relationship aspects when trying to heal your mind and soul.

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